8th European Postgraduate Fluid Dynamics Conference

6th – 9th July 2016
Warsaw, Poland

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Gravity Waves Crossing the Tropopause - Idealized Model Simulations

Vera Bense1, Peter Spichtinger1
1Institute for Atmospheric Physics , Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Gravity waves, excited in general by vertical displacement of air (e.g. orographic, frontal or convective lifting), can propagate in a stably stratified atmosphere and interact with the ambient flow. When travelling through the tropopause region, characterised by strong gradients in various atmospheric quantities, such as stability, wind shear and trace gases, the waves’ properties often change drastically.
Within this work, the EULAG model is used to provide an idealized set-up for sensitivity studies. Tropospheric and stratospheric wave spectra extracted for flows under varying tropopause sharpness are analysed, respectively. Possible effects of changing wind shear on reflection and breaking of the wave are discussed as
Keywords: Geophysical flows, Applied fluid dynamics